What inspired the #10ForChangeChallenge African-American Scholarships Program?

Did you know that UNCF.org states that only 45.9% of Black students complete their college degrees in six years? This is the lowest rate compared to other races and ethnicities in the US. This high dropout rate is partially due to the fact that 65% of African-American college students are independent, meaning they must balance pursuing a degree with full-time work and family responsibilities.

That is why we need to work together to help provide Flexible Learning Pathways and fully-funded Educational Opportunities for African-Americans.  We are inspired and driven to help create 1000 x Black Scholarships over the next 5 weeks, as part of our 3 Year Plan to crowdfund 10,000 plus scholarships for people of color in the United States.

How YOU can get involved in the #10ForChangeChallenge?

We have made getting involved in the #10ForChangeChallenge very easy.

We would invite you to donate $10 or more if you can using the GoFundMe link below…..and then share your challenge and our GoFundMe Campaign Page Link on Social Media to 10 of your friends, family members, or work colleagues to match…or even beat your donation.

In helping us to achieve our Crowdfunding Campaign Goal…you will help us to be able to provide an amazing Christmas present to so many deserving African-Americans in the form of one of our African-American Scholarships.

Watch our #10ForChangeChallenge Video and join our GoFundMe Campaign

What will the #10ForChangeChallenge Funds be used for?

Our goal is to raise $2.6 Million and to fund 1000 African-American Scholarships by December 25 2020.

Each scholarship is valued at $2600 and each scholarship will cover the FULL tuition course fee for each student with our Educational partner Simplilearn.

Each Scholarship for $2600 and will include:

  • A full One-year Course Instruction with our educational partner Simplilearn
  • An Opportunity to participate in a Black Mentoring Program with successful entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Access to a Career Counselling Program to help Graduates to become “job-ready”

We believe that such a scholarship program is truly ground-breaking, by helping each student to make a successful transition from education to meaningful employment.

Learn more about our Black Scholarships