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9 Reasons to Qualify for the No.1 Black Scholarships Program?

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Our BMB Scholarhsips Program

Welcome to our Black My Business Scholarships Program. With many generous donations from our #10ForChangeChallenge Crowdfunding Campaign we can effectively empower and assist thousands of disadvantaged African Americans over the next few years by providing valuable learning and employment pathways through our Black Scholarships Program.

The Black My Business Scholarships Program offers an opportunity to invest in this generation and future generations of African-Americans, who are poised and ready to become leaders in Business and Technology….in our community and throughout our nation.

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Black My Business African-American Scholarships Program

We will offer 1000+ African-American Scholarships for the 2021, as part of our 3 Year Plan to help create over 10,000 Scholarships. We believe that the Black My Business Scholarships Program will enable tens of thousands of African American Students to undertake an Academic Qualification, due to their financial situation, or life circumstances. Initially, we will offer Digital Marketing Specialist Courses due to its high demand from Employers, however we will add a range of Learning Pathways relevant to other 'In-Demand' Career Options in a post Covid-19 Business Environment.

The need for a Black Scholarships program to close the gap for African-Americans?

From advanced-degree holders to high-school dropouts, Black workers have substantially higher unemployment rates at every level of educational attainment than white workers—and the disparity has widened this year during the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns.

The expanding gap signals Black Americans can expect to have a longer and slower recovery from the 2020 economic recession, regardless of whether they have attended college or not completed high school(Source - Disparity in Jobless Rates Suggests Black Workers Face Slower Recovery in the Wall Street Journal by Eric Morath November 29, 2020).

That's why action is needed action is needed NOW to begin to close the Education, Employment and Economic Gaps, while truly EMPOWERING highly disadvantaged African-Americans!

Benefits of our African-American Scholarships Program

Covid-19 will change the way that we do business, the way we work and the way we study forever. Employers are realizing the need to have more flexible working conditions, while a new generation of people working for themselves or wanting to start their own Online Business will emerge. Simultaneously, the prohibitive costs and lack of flexibility in Traditional Colleges and Universities is making Online Learning, a far more attractive and viable option.

Here are a few reasons why our Black My Business Digital Marketing Scholarships ticks the boxes for so many looking to study during Covid-19 and beyond that in a post Covid-19 environment:

  1. Flexible Online Learning – You choose when, where and how you studythrough a combination of Video Learning and Live E-Learning Classes
  2. You reduce your risk of being exposed to the virus by being able to study online from home
  3. Covid-19 has seen a significant increase in demand from employers for those with Digital Marketing Qualifications
  4. There is the emergence of new learning pathways and employment opportunities in digital marketing and digital technologies due to the impacts of Covid-19.
  5. Our Black My Business African-American Scholarships Program removes the financial stress on our students
  6.  Our Scholarship Recipients get the most comprehensive Full-TuitionScholarships available.
  7.  Included is the full-tuition costs of a 12 Month Digital Marketing Specialist Program, you also get to participate in our Black Mentoring Program
  8.  You get Career Counselling assistance to help you become ‘Job-Ready’.
  9.  You can tap into our Network of experienced Black Business Owners and African-American Entrepreneurs

We would like to invite any African-American over the age of 18 to apply for one of these 1000 Full-ride Scholarship positions. We will offer preference to applicants who are financially disadvantaged or have a life circumstance that would make a traditional College Scholarship harder to obtain.

How to apply for our Black My Business Scholarships Program

In year 1 of we will offer 1000 full-ride scholarship to students in the field of Digital Marketing Specialist with our Educational Partner –Simplilearn. We would like invite any African-American over the age of 18 to apply for one of these 1000 Full-Tuition Scholarship positions. 

Applications are now OPEN and Online Courses Programs will commence on Monday 25th January 2021. Click on the link below to access our Online Scholarship Application Form and our Scholarship Terms and Conditions on our Scholarships Application Website. Thanks for joining our movement and stay tuned on our Social Media Channels or on our #10ForChangeChallenge Facebook Page for Scholarship Updates.

"If you do happen to get a scholarship or get a few offers, don't choose the school that is the biggest school. Choose the one that's right for you. Go somewhere you're needed, not where you're wanted."

Source: Donovan Mitchell -
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Why Choose Black My Business?


Looking for a Full-Ride Black Scholarship?

We offer the largest Fully-Funded Black and Indigenous Scholarship Programs in the US and Australia. Thanks to our Supporters and Sponsors we will assist over 1600+ candidates in 2020/2021 to receive a Digital Marketing Qualification, Industry Accreditation and assist with Career Transitioning.

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Skyrocket your Success with Black Mentoring!

We are attracting the World's leading Black Entrepreneurial Talent and Highly Successful Black Business Owners. Our Black Mentors share their business, financial and personal knowledge and advice with our Black & Indigenous Entrepreneurs in one-on-one settings and online forums.

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Want the Very Best Black Business Support?

Connect with our BMB Corporate Partner Network and utilize Black Business Professionals and Highly Respected Experts whom offer outstanding Mentoring, Support, Black Business Resources and Financial Help to Black Entrepreneurs, Black Business Owners & Indigenous Business.

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Jeremiah Johnson
Black Entrepreneur

“I have been fortunate enough to qualify for a Black Scholarship from Black My Business. This is an absolute game-changer for me having lost my job during Covid-19. I am also working closely with my mentor and I am already seeing the incredible benefits from this relationship!”

Chuck McClellan
Black Business Owner - Chicago

“I see so much potential through this program to do great things to improve the lives of African-Americans and Indigenous Australians. I am truly excited to be a part of the Black My Business Movement and look forward to contributing from my many years and hard-knocks in the world of business".

Yarraka Bayles
Indigenous Influencer & Activist

"Black My Business is such a critical resource for Indigenous and Black Business Owners. There are so many incredible business leaders and inspiring mentors that contribute their time resources and support in helping in giving others a leg-up on the ladder to success."

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